Slingshot Entertainment is Atlanta Georgia's year round destination for indoor go kart racing excitement. Our go kart racing offers a unique, thrilling experience that will keep your family, friends and colleagues coming back for more! Slingshot Entertainment's go kart track experience is created and heightened by dimmed lights, 100% Sodi electric karts that travel up to 45mph and timed laps.

For the safety of our guests and to comply with Georgia state law there will be no open toe, open heel or rolled heeled shoes allowed on the track. Fully enclosed shoes must be worn by all Slingshot Entertainment go kart guests. Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied up above the shoulders. All go kart riders are required to wear a full face helmet with visor or googles. Slingshot Entertainment does have helmets available for rent.


Slingshot Entertainment is home to a 60,000 square foot track that is constantly changing and involving. One thing is for sure everyone will experience the thrill of banked curves, hairpin turns, and exhilarating straight-aways.


At Slingshot Entertainment you must be 15 years of age and present a valid state ID. Helmet rental fee is included in the race pricing. Adult races are 8-10 mins.

Tuesday -Sunday
1 Race
After the $15.00 general admission Races are $15.00/adults $10.00/kids

At Slingshot Entertainment child racers must be ages 8 - 14 and at least 48 inches tall. Helmet rental fee is included in the racing price per person. Kids races are 5-7 minutes